Saturday, March 24, 2012

Step 2

                         Step 2; Building block phase.

So,I've decided on my business,and figured out all the permits,liscenses,and any certfication I may need in order to proceed to step 2.

Step 2, why of course, is when you've decided that you are going to go ahead and persue that dream of yours -hold on pal you may want to make sure you've cleared our suggested checklist first:
  1. Have the business I for sure want to run and am commited to finding funding and sticking by my dreams down the tough winding road thats for sure ahead ( I cannot stress enough how tough the road is going to be especially for a muslim youth trying to fund a business the right way.and for anyone in general.
  2. Have my business plan layed out and reviewed professionally , that dosent have to mean you necessarily have to pay for a professional biz plan reviewer-thats not always the case depending on the risks of the business and how far you're trying to go with it.just someone in the targeted business category.
  3. Figure out the liscences and permits you may need for your biz ,always make sure your funding goes toward these things first , you dont want to be shut down on pre-opening day.there are alwys of course exeptions to the rule many places dont require certain permits,and so on till you earn a certain bar of money or consitient certain amount of expenses.
  4. Gaining the necessary Certificates and taking specified knowledge courses will boost your knowledge of the industry and biz youre pursuing and it shows investors (should you have any) that you're focused and have the skills to succeed, now you dont have go get a Phd in order to gain the qualifications and credintial boosters that come with being certified and equipped, just head over to our directory to find the resources. 
  5. Funding can be tricky, especially when youre not a billionaire or maybe even a thousandaire. So whats the trick for all of us broke Gen Y'' prenuers, being consistent, only choosing things that you can estimate will work for your business, dont overlook the people in front of you, and try your best not to be to desperate and make uncalculated ,irrational desicions. follow through with your promises and DONT EVER promise something you know with full or even half knowledge that you cannot provide. Keep in mind the rules and regulations of doing business in islam and the rules and reg. for attaining funding for your venture.
  6. Note; there are tons of free resources out there for you to take advantage of our free resources page will be contsantly updated.
    Questions;have you moved on to your step 2 ? done anything on here yet ? hows your progress ?
    Azshab/Founder/lead teen pren  
                                                                                        proud member of

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