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      We know by now you may be wondering 'what is this fabulous Wnftss Network behind this great Blog that I'm a member of'' -and what in this twisted world does 'Wnftss (pronounced wenf-Tess or wen-f-Tess) even mean'-(well that you'll figure out along the way -stay tuned!;).

The Wnftss network or more specifically- the blog network in which your getting to learn of is a network of empowering The Muslim teen entrepreneur and even those well out of their teens with a network of  blogs for many aspects of the Islamic entrepreneurial scope. they are solely run and operated by the founder and co-runners naturally (lol) -but though your blog can't become a member of the main Wnftss blog networks you may try to join as a 'friend'of the Wnftss blog networks and be linked like that. 

Azshab-Founder / Lead Muslim teenpreneur


A proud member of 

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