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MÖhandessinteens.blogspot.com is a creation of two sisters, who, with a previously launched childrens clothing wear and purse business, decided to take a brief hiatus and take to the internet and help other teenprenuers and aspiring teenpreneurs not make the same mistakes we found ourselves other Muslim teen-preneurs making because of lack of business guidance,advice- informational resources that are given to us on the internet and beyond  and us having to go to resources that weren't cognizant of Islamic laws and restrictions as it pertained to business -We wanted to help you and us find success with the informational resources,support,Answers to your questions and tools we provide -to give you the upper-hand in not making the same mistake as many of us did along the way and learning the lessons we've gained after the fact, which is helping us to improve our overall business and will help you too in your journey to becoming the best most successful Muslim entrepreneur for your teen years-and beyond .This site will also provide guides of suppliers and different services beneficial to you,and consequentially beneficial to us with us learning better form helping others along the way.help us by joining, commenting and befitting from all we have to offer.This is your business incubator and were here to help you hatch.(may Allah bless us and you with tawfiq in Everything)

Azshab-Founder/lead Muslimtrep (C.E.O.)
Mibeshab-VP/promo and marketing(C.O.O.)

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  1. Salaam,

    Quite an interesting and different site you guys have here! Keep it up, InshaAllah :)


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