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                                                                General safety
For the safety of the members of this site and the adherence to the Islamic religion no harmful or blasphemous content to Islam or any members or readers of this site will be accepted ,for that reason, though your free to comment in the comments section, no comments are moderated and thus subject to approval,in addition no content that eludes to a certain denominational practice or belief maybe posted. 

We try to adhere to the Quraan and Sunnah here and we'd appreciate cooperation and for everyone to abide by the rules of the site and enjoy and benefit form their fellow Muslim-teen preneurs.if you post any rude or obscene content repetitiously you will be deleted we try to provide a positive and encouraging environment - so take your negativity elsewhere please- though we wish we could -we cannot guarantee the authenticity or efectiveness of the links or ads posted here.any information given on this site by us or any other parties that may not be essentially correct or updated is not totally to our fault (were only human and will appreciate if you kindly contact us with the corrected info and reference) anything provided on this site is for non-professional reference and by the permission of Allah we present it to you in order to help you and assist you with your splendid ventures!  

                                                                 Sponsoring this site
If you are interested in becoming  a sponsor of the MÖhandessin Blog nets Mohandessinteens.blogspot.com
or usayraguide.blogspot.com contact us and  visit HERE  or E-mail For special request or  for any Q's you need A'd

The rates are very reasonable and your ad see's up immediately After verification and payment,our process is fast and simple 1.send ur details 2.get verified 3.pay 4.ad goes up in no time !

(because of our audience and member base we cannot accept ads,listings,products and or commentaries that go against the Islamic practice ;pork and alcohol product, obscene or rude materials non Muslim holidays(if muslim holidays non-conflictual) and other thing that are against Islamic belief or dangerous and even un-lawful to minors- also we will not display any Islamic propaganda of any kind in order to cater to the sensitivities of any kind or sexually or morally obscene material of any kind )

All payments for products services,or materials posted on this site is expected to be payed in full or it will be argued and product extracted or service cancelled - we try to make everything cheap, affordable and great quality,if you're not quite ready to pay just wait and save up ! they're not going any where.

Any information ,photos,references and materials posted on this site are copyright Wnftss blog networks -a sister company,unless otherwise noted or  mentioned  you may contact us for permission.
Everything on this site is merely for referential help and is not intended to replace professional help
we try to keep all info updated as we research every day now to keep all info fresh and up to date -but we are not responsible for our mistake we - currently are no pro's and hold no degrees !

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