Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sounds great...but....Which kind ?

By now, we know of the main tasks associated with starting and launching a business is knowing what kind you want to run in the first place right ?! Though an important task it is also one of the hardest too- unless of course, you've only a passion and or capability for one thing and one thing only -its actually a tough task.

As humans, many of us have a variety of talents,capabilities and passions bottled in our one person that we use as an advantage in different aspects and tasks in our lives- the question still remains 'but what exactly do i start with and how do I figure out which one to hone in on and turn in to a working venture.

The answer is manifold in example; you may find that your extremely talented in accounting skills,but while you also like bikes and making them - you may decide to do your own accounting and booking for your own bike business - but may decide that either you don't have the funds to launch a custom bike business-or that you would rather run an accounting and or managing firm that caters to bike companies or you might decide to leave biking a hobby and just do accounting as a business -and who knows maybe you can cater to small and  or young adult - run companies (being as though chances are not many will be willing to hire a fresh young person -even if you are talented  they may not be willing to chance it with you much) or maybe you may even just like making bikes and don't want to deal with accounting and bookkeeping just the bikes and leave the  former to someone else (keeping a watchful eye on those operations to steer clear of insider corruption) what ever you choose your choices are endless!

Question : What kind/category of business are you entertaining / launching (inshallah)? Post comments below ! got a question for your business idea? Post it below  !

-Azshab Founder/Lead Muslim teen-prenneur
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Monday, December 19, 2011

That is the question

''To preneur or not to preneur /that is the question''many people will be reading this blog and may pose questions like; why be a teenpreneur ?,why  start a business now ?,how is that possible?,is it hard ?-it seems like so many rules are out there for running a business and they all seem against us as teens ,but the fact still stands -our generation is the generation of movers and next gen tech-we are the ones creating new apps technologies,inventive start-ups and innovative platforms on doing business that adults of the previous gen were never risk taking enough -to leap on or try. 

In  this blog we will introduce to you;business ideas, articles on how to start them in depth,suppliers for the industries,legal rulings,tips, tricks,creative ideas, resources,discussions on all business topics,international business news,and coming soon in the (hopefully) near future-summits,conferences e-seminars,and most fun of all -Expos!

This site will also include articles and personal advice from us and other pro's of the industries- we are even going to have a fully loaded E-store with (dirt cheap but top quality) E-books and books on every category - from how to write a killer business plan for every business category we have available -to how to go big -in addition to launching internationally. Though this site is based in the U.S.A. We are internationally focused ,meaning the information we provide will also be generally international formatted in addition to the U.S.A. content.and we will also try to answer your international queries in addition to the American ones ,and we will inshallah include international based books some general and some specific region or country as well.   

So join and Welcome!

Pop Question;what lead you to considering launching a business for yourself ?

-Azshab-Founder/lead Teen-preneur
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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Welcome

Welcome to Mohandesinteens.blogspot.com ! the official blog of mohandessin.com the premier marketplace for Muslim-teenpreneurs coming to you soon,but till then- why can't we get started in our official blog .

This blog was created to offer tips and start -up advice for the start-up and newly established muslim teen-preneur (ages 13-23) , filled with business ideas and help on establishing a business in the most halal way. this isn't just another teen help or tip site or Muslim entrepreneur "page".

 This is a whole E-incubation centre just for Muslim -teenprenuers and those Muslims whom are aspiring to be - not only do you get the advice,tips ,tricks,courses and problem solving solutions,biz plan and other biz services,lessons ,Ideas,tons of free content - plus everything you need to be A successful Muslim Teen-preneur.Today. Tomorrow.Any day you choose.  

If you have any questions, comments or concerns don't feel shy contact us 

AZshab (Founder.Lead Muslim-trep)

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