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This is the inspiration page for business ideas.We will highlight a few a month with further details and -(coming really soon) dirt cheap(and some free !) E-books that dive you even  further for more detailed information on your topic of interest also providing expansion and upgrading info tips and help-we also do custom e-books specified for you ! {we will also be constantly adding new ideas- be sure to check back frequently,and we'll be taking your wonderful suggestions too!}

The Platforms are divided into 5;

 Budget under $1000
 Brick and mortar 
 On the go/ Temp place 

1.Blogging (about something that your actually good at)
2. Babysitting service (only if you absolutely love children)
3.Virtual assistant service ( internet access and organization/dependability skills a must)
4.Seamstress/tailor (good sewing skills a must)
5.Web development service (skills a must certification a plus;)
6.Blog editing/contributing service (creativity,knowledge of topic and great editing skills a must)
7.Clothing designer (sewing skills a must)
8.Clothing seller (knowledge of product a must)
9.Tech seller(up to date knowledge of technology and product a must adequate inventory space a must) 
10.How to vids(knowledge of topic and quality camera a must)
11.journal/book designer

1. Sweets food truck
2. Food truck
3. Drinks / vending truck
4. Event only vending (clothing various others)
5. Event only food vending(specific equipment a must)
6. Selling a real invention

1. Vending food (table){$0-800 bucks)
3.Blogging ($0-150 bucks)
4. Clothing designer ($0-999 bucks)
5. Babysitting service ($0-400 bucks)
6. Virtual assistant ($0-500 bucks)
7. Seamstress/ Tailor ($0-900 bucks)
8. Online food store ($10-900 bucks)
9.Catering service ($80-900 bucks)
10.How to vids($15-500 bucks*)

1. Small Event space 
2.Small Hand/home-made food shoppe
3.Small Clothing shoppe 
4. Cafe
5. Arts and craft/hobbies shoppe
6. Beverage shoppe
7. Sewing classes /fabrics and herberdash'shoppe
8.Thrift shoppe
9. jewelry/ gift shoppe

1.E-book seller (knowledge of topic a must)
2. How to vids(knowledge of topic a must)
3. Test tutor
4. Jewelry designing/selling/making
5. Cookbooks
6. How to books

Question; which are you most interested in knowing more of ?

-AZ SHAB Founder/Lead Teen-preneur    
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