Friday, March 2, 2012

Step 1

                                    Deciding on a Biz (Part I)
(Each category will be broken into individual articles later on inshallah)

Most times once we finally decide on a business we may not fully know how to go about starting it ,we may think 'I know I want to sell something sewn -because I like to sew and can sew well -but how - and what do I start ?  how would I go about it ? -what comes first ? what would be the most appropriate ?

You might say '' I like to sew-can sew well"
- ''I have the perfect idea and would like to execute it without (virtually) any regrets- so how do I go about this process ? 

1- you want to make sure you have all your ideas together - its easy to do things on a whim but putting them all together and acknowledging your goals ahead of time - before the going gets tough ,you'll have a great incentive  even in those hard times to come ! 

2- you want to make sure your money ( or financing ) matches your business start-up ambitions. often it might be a little harder to find financing for your new start-up being a teen let alone being Muslim- we have are own extra  restrictions on top of it all- no interest loans ,not being in unreasonable debt with anyone and promising products or services we don't have in exchange for capital or seed financing.

3.You have to make sure to take all the necessary steps,and remember that our rizq (provisions and sustenance) comes from Allah subhanahu wata3lah and that when you are meant to succeed no matter how fast or slow everyone around you are succeeding ,yours will happen when it happens because the main reasons of us gaining wealth is to free ourselves up for worshipping Allah - after all that is why we are here right ?!

-Azshab;founder/lead teen-pren
 a proud member of

To be continued (Inshallah)...... Question;what (extra steps have you taken in deciding on your biz/shaving down your biz ideas?

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