Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to brain storm Lesson I

There comes a time in the business prospective process when we have to brain storm - whats a brainstorm ? you ask- well here's brainstorm  stage 1

    You'll need: Pencil/w eraser,
  Good notebook (preferably one that can go with you anywhere -never know where or when inspiration might spark -but large enough to understand what you actually wrote)
Great ideas 
Good knowledge (of businesses you're interested in)
Ambition & determination

1.What am I good at ?(list at least three)

2.Why am I doing this ?/ What can I do ?

3.Do I have any knowledge in the field im interested in ?

4.What is within my (realistic) ability to do ? i.e. if you are a traveler a brick and mortar bakery may not be so ideal - but a low inventory- bakery supply biz,cooking blog or even e-cookbooks may be a huge possibility !

5. Am I willing to commit time , money (mine or others) and faith in my product or idea ?

6.Will I make sure to do full research on all my legal must-do's and actually front the appropriate dues when necessary?

7.Am I of legal age for the biz I am trying to pursue ? ( and if not will i wait out the time and prepare for the optimal when able if necessary) ?

8. Have I done the right market research necessary ?

9. After following the above steps have I winded my decision down to at least two ideas? (if only two than a good idea of  the final one the one?)

10.Did I outline a biz plan as of yet ?

-AZshab Founder/lead teenpreneur

a proud member of 
Question;did you complete your first brainstorm yet? if so how did you do-what did you do/have done- extra/differently? how far are you in your biz plans?