Need a Name?!

There are tons of ways people come up with brand names in the naming business part of the branding process.A business name is very essential to any business venture that hopes to achieve regional,national and especially - international success. the brand name identifies you and ties you to your product and gives a more complete and even professional  image to your venture.

The name you choose can be anything - from your name and the product like; Sally candies 
- Just your Name i.e; Jameel's 
- Your whole name i.e ;Werda bellis 
-  A popular phrase i.e; woohoo
- Something related or closely connected to-i.e;Wiredthings (A tech magazine) 
- to evoke a certain feeling /relativity i.e; scrumptious! food brands

Listed below contain names and suggestions you can use for inspiration or even take for a name ~

Were keeping the names coming so check back for inspiration !
Advice-you can use names in your culture or those relative to your community or targeted customers.

1- Ketan (Sanskrit) House 
2- Zonta (Native american) trustworthy 
3-buana (Indonesian) earth 
4- Anoush (Armenian) sweet  
5-Primo (Italian) top,best 
6- helwa (Arabic) sweet/beautiful 
7- Zain (Arabic)beautiful
8-Matar (Arabic) rain
9-Morgen (GERMAN) morning
10-Sundus (Arabic) silk
11-Shayma'(Arabic) direction
 Its really up to your creativity ~ the possibilities are endless!

Tip;you can even combine words and give an even cooler flare to them like jelly'n toast  - jellytoast - jelly-toast or even jelly.toast
~ Azshab-Founder/Lead teen-preneur                              

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