Monday, December 19, 2011

That is the question

''To preneur or not to preneur /that is the question''many people will be reading this blog and may pose questions like; why be a teenpreneur ?,why  start a business now ?,how is that possible?,is it hard ?-it seems like so many rules are out there for running a business and they all seem against us as teens ,but the fact still stands -our generation is the generation of movers and next gen tech-we are the ones creating new apps technologies,inventive start-ups and innovative platforms on doing business that adults of the previous gen were never risk taking enough -to leap on or try. 

In  this blog we will introduce to you;business ideas, articles on how to start them in depth,suppliers for the industries,legal rulings,tips, tricks,creative ideas, resources,discussions on all business topics,international business news,and coming soon in the (hopefully) near future-summits,conferences e-seminars,and most fun of all -Expos!

This site will also include articles and personal advice from us and other pro's of the industries- we are even going to have a fully loaded E-store with (dirt cheap but top quality) E-books and books on every category - from how to write a killer business plan for every business category we have available -to how to go big -in addition to launching internationally. Though this site is based in the U.S.A. We are internationally focused ,meaning the information we provide will also be generally international formatted in addition to the U.S.A. content.and we will also try to answer your international queries in addition to the American ones ,and we will inshallah include international based books some general and some specific region or country as well.   

So join and Welcome!

Pop Question;what lead you to considering launching a business for yourself ?

-Azshab-Founder/lead Teen-preneur
                                               A proud member of

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